10 digital projections that brands should take into account in 2020
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Agora Public Affairs and Strategic Communications of Argentina has presented an analysis of the projection of digital trends for the year ahead. Brands will do well to bear it in mind in their strategic planning.

  1. TikTok is gaining ground. Over 550 million users are making this new social network a growing phenomenon.
  2. Micro influencersat the heart of digital marketing. Impact and credibility can be generated by a consumer posting comments about a brand or service.
  3. More control over fake news. Platforms are advancing in the implementation of filters and other tools to detect and prevent false news.
  4. Social listening is growing. Some 90% of consumers communicated with brands over social media, a channel that is gaining in importance as a way to reach consumers.
  5. Attention to groups of social media detractors. Some consumers are starting to request fewer “vanity” metrics and making “real-life” posts.
  6. Attention to new generations. These set the course for consumer trends, as disruptive technologies prevail over traditional advertising.
  7. Fast Contentas a new way of communicating. Every user can generate a video or content offering new ways of communicating.
  8. Social Commerce. The use of bots and augmented reality is emerging in this new way of buying online.
  9. New technologies are becoming integrated. Augmented reality, automation, and chatbots add value to social media.
  10. Video and podcasts lead the way. Audiovisual and voice content are prevailing and they’re here to stay. Spending on digital advertising will be mainly distributed over these formats.

Public consumer habits are evolving. Today we are facing intelligent, determined consumers who know what they want and how and where to get it. Agora Argentina Country Manager Federico Bugallo says “Consumers in 2020 are looking to be one step ahead of brands. This means that from the communication and digital marketing side, companies will have to perfect supply and adapt to the needs of these new intelligent and demanding digital consumers.”

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