Agora is a regional public affairs and strategic communications consultancy, dedicated to helping companies thrive in a complex world.

We believe that empathy is the key to creating positive links between brands and their target audiences.

Founded in 2014, it has its own offices in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Medellín and Mexico City and São Paulo. Agora is present in Europe and North America through a strategic partnership with Boldt, IBEX Partners, Summit Strategy Group and Evoke Kyne.

The agency was a finalist in “Best Agency in LATAM” for the PRWeek Global Awards 2021.

Agora is part of Untold_, an ecosystem of creativity and communications professionals created in 2014 by Darío Straschnoy. From its offices in Miami, Bogotá, Medellín, Mexico City, São Paulo, Lima and Buenos Aires, it works with its clients always adopting the most appropriate format for their needs. Untold_ complements Agora's services with research, creativity and insights.


Encounters, dialogues, culture and exchanges.

Principles that build an Agora:

Public spaces that allowed connections between individuals and groups, foundations of today’s society. But in a world in constant transformation: where do these connections happen? How does the modern agora develop?

We live in an always-changing world. Globalized but dispersed. With different languages, but with common interests. When people demand more from institutions, challenging them to redefine themselves and build authentic bonds with society.

At Agora, we understand the value of these relationships.We believe that to build them, empathy is the best way to generate genuine and lasting connections between institutions and audiences. And we know how to do it.

We are an independent regional
consultant that covers Latin America,
taking into account its diversity.
All the elements that allow us to
differentiate and unite each
country on our continent.

Always with global vision and connections. We were born at a time of flexibility, curiosity and sensitivity. We seek ideas to create solid relationships between institutions and people so that both can thrive and achieve their best version, every day.