Wednesday 01 August, 2018
Loreley Maldonado y Giovanna Mejia

It will position itself as a regional consultancy in public affairs and strategic communications specializing in Latin American markets.

With existing presences in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, the Mexican president and founding partner shall be Loreley Maldonado while Giovanna Mejía will be the operations director. Both professionals have more than 15 years’ experience in the sector.

With a distinctive concept that promises added value to its clients, a focus on measurable results and a strategic regional vision, Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications is coming to Mexico to offer its extensive experience in communications, public relations and public affairs across the country.

“Mexico is a key market in Agora’s expansion and we will be competing with local and international firms. Part of what makes us different is our regional experience. Now organizations in Mexico with operations in Latin America will have at their disposal high value services and standardization across the markets where they have a presence,” said  Loreley Maldonado, the company’s President in Mexico.

On the need for these services, Maldonado noted that “strategic communications and public affairs play an essential role in the management and strengthening of organizational reputation, this being a fundamental part of generating value for the business by enhancing its level of recognition and contributions, as well as improving its results.”

Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications is a Latin American consultancy that combines services related to strategic communications, public affairs, financial communications, research, public relations, creativity and digital advocacy, among other areas, and will commence operations in Mexico City in order to help its clients establish positive connections with its key audiences.

Agora Public Affairs & Strategic Communications is a part of Untold_, an ecosystem of professionals that offers its clients the format best-suited to its needs. Founded in 2014, Untold_ is headed up by Darío Straschnoy, who was President of Young & Rubicam Argentina for 25 years.

Agora works with clients such as L’Oréal, Microsoft, Nestlé, Tyco and Adidas, among other global brands.

In addition to México, the consultancy has offices in Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Medellín, as well as alliances across the region.