Brasil COVID

The impact of the coronavirus is certainly the biggest challenge we will all experience. Across the world, countries are facing dilemmas that have reached the point of debating between saving lives or jobs. From global corporations to small businesses and independent professionals, all are concerned with the advance of the virus and the measures adopted by governments to contain the disease and the economic crisis. Keeping up with all these facts demands time and attention. In order to help our clients and partners to understand this rapid change of context, Agora created a document, compiling all main decisions taken by Brazilian public institutions and prepared an analysis which does not claim to be definitive but provides reflections for this atmosphere of significant transformations:

  • The tension that before the pandemic was focused on the executive and legislative powers has spread to the federal, state and municipal levels. Governors and mayors coordinate with the legislature and judiciary, creating a dangerous scenario for democracy.
  • At the judiciary, there are attempts of balance, but some decisions have different directions.
  • From their windows, Brazilians may be delivering a message about what to expect: the streets may be filled with demonstrations when the isolation is over.
  • Bolsonaro’s captive voters remain active on social media and try to go out to the streets, but it seems they don’t have enough strength to maintain the clan’s political state.
  • The economic measures are in the right direction but haven’t put the business sector at ease yet. Respected economists still see an economic team that is not ready for a crisis of these proportions.
  • The Ministry of Health can’t lay down rules to contain the virus and asks governors for help.
  • Companies and the civil society organize themselves to support the isolation, help those most in need and to show that the post-crisis period will demand a new balance of powers.


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