We remain focused on supporting our customers and partners with analyzes focused on corporate communication and reputation in this pandemic moment and the installation of a “new normal”. With the consolidation of social isolation as a priority way of fighting the virus in most of the country, many brands have changed the way they communicate with consumers, using various tools to establish connections.

At Ágora, we believe in creating real connections between companies and their audiences. Therefore, we decided to analyze the repercussion of the initiatives of large Brazilian companies in the midst of the pandemic, focusing on the opinion and emotions expressed by Brazilian users in their social networks based on public posts made spontaneously by them.

More than ever, empathy solidifies as a primary starting point to create genuine connections between brand and consumer. Download the studies below and, if you have a specific demand on the topic, contact our regional Data Intelligence team, which is ready to perform in-depth analyzes.

We continue together in this moment of uncertainty, ensuring the least impact on the social, political and economic dynamics of Brazil and Latin America.

1st edition: Commerce and Services – April 1st to 15th, 2020

2nd edition – Industry and Infrastructure – April 1st to 30th, 2020