CORONAVIRUS – Emotions and topics of interest in Latin America

This is a moment to think about our clients’ reputation and support with analysis and a responsible monitoring. That’s why we are preparing a weekly summary of digital conversations in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru around COVID-19, focused on emotions and topics of interest in each country.

Our analysis is made on public posts of common users in social media, and we know each country has its own dynamics – WhatsApp’s dominance in Brazil may justify a smaller number of posts coming from that country, to exemplify that. Even so, we believe this study serves as base for having a perception of the local scenario, with a special light on sentiment and key subjects.

The data captured pointed an increased sentiment of concern, associated with a public mandate for actions to be taken by the local government. Considering the political and economic scenario of the region, each country’s society reactions to measures being taken will be determinant for the political and economic outcome of the COVID-19 crisis in the continent.

In case you have a specific demand around this topic, our Data Intelligence team is ready to create a deep dive into specific data. We are together in this moment of uncertainty, guaranteeing the smallest impact possible in Latin America’s social, political and economical dynamics.

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Update March 25th 2020

Update March 18th 2020