Inés Royo Oyaga


Inés has carried out projects in the United States, Spain and Latin America for industries in the voluntary sector, political parties, think tanks, renewable energies, consumer goods, waste management and recycling, tourism and education.

She has been a Consultant at the MAS Consulting Group and developed the communications strategy of the think tank The Hispanic Council. She was part of the team at Durán Barba y Asociados and was a communication consultant at FastrackMedia (Washington DC, United States). She was Executive Secretary in the postgraduate department of the Faculty of Communication at the Universidad de Navarra, and copywriter for TVR and La Rioja newspaper.

She has a degree in Journalism specializing in Political Communication (Universidad de Navarra, Spain), a post-graduate degree in Public Affairs Management and Campaign Direction (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain) and was a 2015 fellow at the Global Competitiveness and Leadership Program (GCL) at the University of Georgetown (Washington DC, USA).


Inés has expertise in:

  • Social networks.
  • Online communication.
  • Strategic communications.
  • Public Affairs.
  • Electoral campaigns.
  • Events.

Talk to her about:

  • Internet.
  • Networks.
  • Marketing.
  • Politics.