Monday 21 December, 2020
Study: “Perceptions of Colombian companies on the effects of the pandemic”

Agora introduces the study carried out in Colombia: “Perceptions of Colombian companies on the effects of the pandemic” that brought together 60 participants belonging to 51 different companies to know the impact of the pandemic on some of the most important companies in the country from several profitable sectors. Its goal was to determine how much the pandemic had affected the businesses, its relationship with stakeholders and their corporate reputation, among others.

While the analysis reveals that the pandemic did not affect corporate reputation, companies felt the need to strengthen the link with the government.

  • 70% of respondents said their company faced a crisis because of the pandemic, yet just over 50% of them said they have already overcome it.
  • 80% of respondents noted that during the health emergency they needed to strengthen ties with the National Government.
  • The relationship with stakeholders was affected on several levels, especially with clients, employees, and collaborators.

Check the full report here.