In the coming days, the eyes of Brazilians and the international community will turn to the general elections. Completing 33 years of free elections after the end of the military dictatorship, the 2022 electoral process takes place amid an intense debate on the importance of the independence of democratic institutions, guaranteed by the broad and unrestricted Democratic Rule of Law.

Agora Public Affairs and Strategic Communication starts a series of analyzes focusing on the government plans of the best-placed presidential candidates in recent surveys by the Datafolha and IPEC Institutes. The analysis of government plans is complemented with information captured in conversations and events in which Ágora actively participates throughout the presidential campaign. Combining the two sources, the weekly analyzes will take a look at the different sectors of the Brazilian economy, pointing out the challenges and analyzing the paths presented by the campaigns.

For us, the moment reinforces our commitment to Brazil as we complete three years of operation in the country.

With a holistic and strategic vision guided by credible and data-based information, we hope to contribute so that the political debate can be carried out transparently and harmoniously, contributing to formulating public policies that guarantee the country's prosperity and that of the different sectors of society.
Access the editions (in Portuguese) on the links below and contact us if you need specific analyses.

1st edition: September 16, 2022
Financial services
Services and Macro Reforms
Technology and innovation
Media and Entertainment

2nd edition: September 21, 2022

3rd edition: September 26, 2022
Macroeconomics and social welfare
Foreign policy

4rd edition: September 29,  2022
How we will get to the 1st round according to the resarchs
How candidates will reach the 1st round
How the world sees Brazil before the 1st round
How Agora sees the 1st turn