Strategic communications for a business school

The IAE (Institute of Business and Administration at Universidad Austral) celebrated its 40th birthday in 2018 and to mark the occasion the Institute decided to relaunch its brand with a focus on the school’s target markets. The brand is well-known in the business world but a return to the public sphere was felt necessary to compete with the new wave of business schools appearing in Argentina.

We worked with the IAE communications department and the Dean on the strategy for the return to the public sphere. Our plan was based around three pillars: transformation, academic innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, all included under the communications umbrella of the 40th anniversary and other key messages.

We trained the main spokespeople of the IAE (10 professors and the Dean), seeking to equip them with new communications tools and ensure that they were familiar with the key, targeted messages. In addition to the Communications Plan, we added a Networking Plan to provide the Dean with a presence in key spaces within the sector.

The results from the first year have been excellent: 17 articles mentioning one of the three pillars as well as the 40 year communications umbrella, attendance at 10 networking events, 179 media appearances by spokespeople and relationships established with 8 media directors and editors. 35% of the interactions were with Tier 1 media while media coverage overall increased by 68%, reaching 43% more people compared with the previous year.