Adam Muñoz


Adam Muñoz has a degree in Politics from the Universidad del Rosario specializing in Government with a minor in Theological and Religious Studies. He has carried out research into development models, territorial organization, Prior Consultancy and armed conflict.

He has over two years’ experience in the public sector advising the Ministry of the Interior on issues related to Government and Territorial Management. He has created and implemented public policy in areas related to security, community relations and decentralization and has been in constant institutional contact with territorial bodies at a national level, providing technical advice on public affairs. He also has expertise in legislative and regulatory monitoring.


Adam has expertise in:

  • International and domestic political analysis.
  • Armed conflict and development models.
  • Public Policy in Territorial Organization, Security and Community Relations.

Talk to him about:

  • National and regional policy.
  • Decentralization and Associate Schemes.
  • Relations with communities and territorial bodies.

Latest challenges:

  • Developing a research project into the background and consequences of Prior Consultancy in countries affected by armed conflict.
  • Giving technical assistance to territorial bodies at the national level on the proper implementation of associate schemes and Comprehensive Security and Community Relations Plans.