Catalina Restrepo


She is a Corporate Communicator and PR from the University of Medellin, with experience in the analysis of corporate reputation, public relations and event planning.

She has acquired experience in large companies from various industries like Grupo Aval and its bank subsidiaries, Inexmoda, Avon, the family compensation funds Comfama and Comfenalco, Metro de Medellín, Promigas, Vanti, Cementos Argos, and Cemex.

Likewise, she has been responsible for developing the analysis of reputation measurements, internal and external event organization, crisis support and customer relations with local and national media.


Catalina has expertise in:

  • Reputational analysis
  • Strategic relations with the media
  • Organization of events

Talk to her about:

  • Variation in the reputational perceptions of the various stakeholders
  • Corporate communication

Latest challenges:

  • Crisis support from the monitoring and analysis of perceptions of the various stakeholders involved and affected