Giovanna Mejía Zárate


Giovanna has over 14 years’ experience in the fields of strategic communications and public relations in Mexico. She has advised companies in a number of sectors, including finance, tourism, property, construction, aeronautics, food and drink, transport, mining and consumer products.

She has been a senior consultant for 14 years at Zimat Consultores Comunicación Total. She previously worked as a journalist in Argentina (El Tribuno, Clarín), Spain (El País) and Mexico (Expansión, El Independiente, Travesías). In 1999, she won first prize in the Journalism and Health competition organized by Merck Sharp & Dohme, Argentina (1999).

She has a degree in Social Communications from the Universidad Católica de Salta (Argentina), is an International Coach certified by International Coaching Technologies (ICT) and has a Major in Investigative Journalism from the Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires – Fundación Noble – Grupo Clarín.

She is co-author of the book Periodismo y Negocios. Cómo vincular empresas con periodistas(Journalism and Business. How to link business with journalists), published by Miguel Ángel Porrúa (2009).


Giovanna has expertise in:

  • Strategic communications.
  • Relating with and managing the media.
  • Strategic operations with key audiences.
  • Executive coaching.

Talk to her about:

  • Media resources.
  • Strategic positioning.
  • Multicultural experience.

Latest challenges:

  • Positioning the functional and emotional benefits of a food that helps to prevent disease.
  • Crisis management for a public company in Mexico City.
  • Positioning and protecting one of the tallest buildings in Mexico, communicating its benefits and distinctive qualities.
  • Operating during a crisis in the tourism and insurance sectors following a high impact meteorological event.