María Camila Monge


Maria is a bilingual political sciences major from the Universidad de los Andes specializing in the field of International Relations, Comparative Politics and complementary Economics studies. She has carried out research and analysis for the Observatory of Democracy at the Universidad de los Andes where she examined issues related to democracy, inequality and public institutions. She is skilled at formulating strategic plans for public affairs.


María Camila has expertise in:

  • Legislative and regulatory analysis.
  • Analysis of the political context in Colombia.
  • Electoral and political research.

Talk to her about:

  • The current political situation in Colombia.
  • Expectations and anticipated changes under the new government.
  • Analysis of the legislative and regulatory context.

Latest challenges:

  • Analysis, monitoring and anticipation of events during the electoral period and the assumption of the new administration.
  • Identification of key actors on the political scene.