Silvina Fotia


Silvina has 20 years’ experience in strategic communications. During those years, she has worked for several renowned companies, providing advice on the implementation of different projects related to the fields of internal and external communications and relationship management with different audiences.

Furthermore, she has been in charge of developing and implementing corporate social responsibility programs, mainly articulating initiatives between private, government and third sectors. All of them were carried out with a direct team and through the articulation and cross-collaboration of key partners –both internal and external– for each project.

Some of the organizations she has worked with include: Bayer, Boheringer Ingelheim, Lundbeck, Roche, Cámara de Comercio de Brasil en Argentina, BASF agrochemicals, Nidera (seeds) ASAGIR, Fertilizar, Genzyme Corporation, Secretaría de Ciencia y Técnica de la Nación SECYT (Government institution), specific events Mateada BASF at ExpoChacra, Conferences AAPRESID, MundoMaíz, Agrotendencias 2005, Foro Agroindustrial (made up of 38 leading institutions in the agribusiness sector), etc.

As an independent journalist, she has worked in television journalistic production at the series “Los especiales de UNICEF,” broadcasted in TODO NOTICIAS; and in the print media, she has contributed to Mercado (business magazine), Écrire (cultural magazine), La Imprenta (cultural magazine) and Perspectiva Sur (newspaper).

For 12 years, she was Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility for the Southern Cone at Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company. She was also part of the national steering committee, reporting at the regional and international levels.

She is a journalist and studied Social Communications at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Also, she has trained in social media management, corporate social responsibility, inclusion and sustainability, corporate institutional communications, and scientific journalism at different renowned universities and institutions of Argentina.


Silvina has expertise in:

  • Development of communications programs.
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Team work
  • Multinational companies
  • Science and health sector
  • Crisis management
  • Proposal of ideas and creative solutions

Talk to her about:

  • Multi-industry corporate strategies for internal and external communications

Latest challenges:

  • Launch of new medications
  • Integrating teams and managing companies' internal culture
  • Launch of new digital platforms for internal use
  • Social media campaigns